ETI SA is a provider and manager of new technology products and services,
as well as investment serving high-net-worth private and institutional partners worldwide

As one of leading-edge and most diverse new technology investment managers - both in terms of products and services - one of our key competitive strengths is our ability to offer our clients a range of attractive products and services.
We have four lines of business:
● New technology investment in BeNeLux, France & Europe
● Biotechnology investment in BeNeLux, France & Europe
● Research & development in new technology and biotechnology
● New technology products and services worldwide distribution

We combine the growth dynamics of European ingineers and the new technology investment industry with international management discipline. We were conceived as, and remain, a firm that is global in its outlook, attitude and culture. We have offices in Luxembourg and in London. What's more, we co-invest significantly with our partners across our business area, which ensures that our interests are firmly aligned with theirs. Many of our clients have also chosen to be shareholders of ETI SA ; they feel pride and involvement in, and ownership of, our success.

ETI SA Investments

Our investment lines of business

We have a unique placement capability in BeNeLux, France and Europe, where we offer a high level of personal service to an investor base of high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

BeNeLux, France & Europe

We look for investment opportunities in mid-sized companies with capable managers, strong cash flows, prominent positions in their industries, a robust track record and potential for growth.


Based in Luxembourg, we are an experienced financial sponsor, specializing in control-oriented growth investments in the technology sector. Using various transaction structures, we invest in small to medium-sized technology-driven businesses that exhibit significant growth potential.

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